Senior Fitness

Wendy has additional training in Senior Fitness and experience
helping seniors stay strong and active.
Whether you exercise standing, seated, or in bed,
Wendy can develop an exercise program tailored
to meet your needs. Besides in-home training,
Wendy travels to nursing homes, retirement homes,
and assisted living centers to make exercise convenient for you

Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

● Improves balance and posture/helps prevent falls
● Increases muscular strength and endurance
● Improves flexibility and mobility
● Strengthens bones
● Improves your immune, digestive, and cardiovascular systems
● Reduces risks of diseases
● May reduce needs for some medications
● Prevents anxiety, depression, insomnia
● Improves neurological function
● May reduce arthritis pain
● Helps you maintain or lose weight
● Gives you more energy/stamina to perform daily activities
● Helps you live a longer, healthier life!