“My wife and I both train with Wendy Stoll. I have been her client since 1995. She understands the limitations of seniors, but she also realizes that people can be highly fit beyond the age of 60 (even if they have arthritis). Wendy is a great motivator who will help you work toward achieving reasonable, attainable results.  In short, she is a warm, supportive trainer who has technical knowledge and a great deal of common sense.”


“I’ve trained with Wendy for over eight years and she is GREAT at her job. Before I met her, I was working out but it didn’t seem to get me the results I wanted. Once I invested my time in her as my trainer I started seeing results which made me want to work even harder. Wendy has taught me not only how to workout physically, but also how to work through the emotional part that has stopped me in the past. She gives me little reminders throughout my workout (about form) to make sure that I’m getting the full potential of each exercise. Wendy is an awesome personal trainer and a great motivator. She gives 100% to her clients and she gets you results!”

Grand Ledge

“I’ve been disabled since 2010. I’ve had both hips replaced, two serious spinal surgeries (which caused severe neuropathy), and a shattered right elbow that restricts movement and use of my right arm. My neurologist recommended that I seek the assistance of a personal trainer due to my mobility issues. Since I’ve been working with Wendy, I can now walk without a severe limp, climb stairs, and I’ve increased the range of motion in my right arm.  In fact, I can now hold change in my right hand (a task that was impossible before I started working with her).  I no longer need to use a cane or a walker.  Wendy has been teaching me healthier eating habits. I’ve lost some weight, reduced my blood pressure, and have less back and hip pain. Wendy has taken a more personalized approach to my training where no other trainer has.”


“Wendy has been my personal trainer since 1996 and it’s been a great journey! The workouts she designs are specific to my needs. Since I have developed arthritis, she has adapted the exercises to meet my changing abilities. She is always supportive and motivating. Wendy has helped me gain strength and flexibility. She’s also been instrumental in my developing a healthier lifestyle.  In addition to our cardio workouts, Wendy has my husband and I strength train using a variety of equipment. Wendy keeps our workouts interesting and fun. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a difference in both their physical and emotional health.”

Health Practitioner and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lansing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy professionally for over 10 years. She is highly committed to excellence and is always at the top of her game. She takes professional development seriously and stays current on all certifications, training techniques, and nutritional science. This commitment guarantees that clients are getting the most out of their workouts and subsequent recovery. Wendy’s clients benefit greatly from her knowledge of nutrition and supplementation. Her expertise in this area allows her to offer personalized programs that enhance the health of the client for a lifetime.
Wendy’s sessions are always geared to the individual, considering physical status, fitness level and current or past injuries. As an older adult, I love that she knows how to assess aches and pains and can give appropriate therapeutic exercises to assist with them . . . all while facilitating a GREAT workout! I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a solid, professional, personal trainer to assist them in meeting and exceeding their fitness and nutrition goals!”

East Lansing

“I approached personal training as a 65-year-old woman with several age-related, debilitating conditions. Wendy addressed those conditions and new ones that emerged along the way. She  tailored  exercise programs that fit my unique, evolving needs. Over time, I felt myself getting stronger and more agile. I gained more confidence in being able to manage day-to-day physical challenges. I loved the way Wendy would adjust my routine as needed and gave specific stretches for problem areas. She is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic personal trainer that I cannot recommend highly enough. I will be forever grateful to Wendy for her kindness and gentle teaching approach to my personal fitness needs..”


“As a former college athlete, I missed the team aspect of working out.  Lifting alone was boring; cardio was monotonous. This led to inconsistent workouts that were ineffective. When I started with Wendy, I had chronic back pain and was in poor physical condition. She met me where I was at and gradually, but persistently, built up my strength/conditioning.  My workouts with her were always challenging and so much fun! The variety that she offered in workouts was exactly what I needed to stay motivated.  When I would master a move, she’d add a twist that made it that much more challenging.  Wendy engaged my competitive side with things like HIIT and Tabata workouts. In addition to the physical component, she also helped me to modify my eating habits to maximize the benefit of my workouts. However, the biggest impact Wendy had on me was bringing back the joy of working out!”


“I am a 46 year old wife, mom, and nurse. Like many women my age, I had put on some unwanted pounds after having kids. As I entered my 40’s, it became harder and harder to lose weight. I also did not have the energy that I used to have when I was younger. I knew I needed more exercise, but getting to the gym on a regular basis was inconvenient AND expensive. I felt stuck. Thankfully, after sharing my struggles with friends on Facebook, I got in touch with Wendy! After the most thorough evaluation to determine my fitness level and needs, Wendy designed a custom workout program for me. Together we started working to achieve my goals. I have lost pounds and inches, and I have increased my energy level. I have also learned so much about fitness and nutrition! I have never stuck with a fitness program for so long as I have my workouts with Wendy. I am always doing something new and different, so I am never bored. Wendy has also customized my workouts to help me deal with some chronic neck problems- always paying close attention to proper technique and form. She pushes me harder than I have ever pushed myself, and yet she makes it fun. Another big plus to working with Wendy is that she comes to me! No expensive gym memberships or long lines waiting for sweaty exercise equipment. I love that I can work out intensely for an hour, and then have the rest of my day free. I don’t need to drive anywhere or worry about hiring a sitter for my kids. I also like the privacy. That convenience makes all the difference to me, and keeps me from making excuses. Did I mention that working out with Wendy is fun? Actually lots of fun! And, I am not someone who really loves to exercise. Most of the time as I am huffing and puffing, I am also smiling as I do my workouts. Smiling! I can honestly say that for anyone, no matter their fitness level or goals, Wendy Stoll is THE BEST!.”


I began to work with Wendy after recovering from a chronic lung condition. I did not feel safe to exercise on my own. I also suffer from depression which makes me easily discouraged and extremely self-critical. Wendy is different from many of the trainers out there because of her knowledge of anatomy. I am astounded every week by the new things I learn from her—and I’m not talking about the newest fad way of doing a squat. She is very observant, keeping me safe in the exercise environment. Her encouragement is unstoppable and genuine!”


“When I began training with Wendy, I was in excruciating pain in my neck, hip, and lower back. My pain and 20 year struggle with insomnia was the result of arthritis caused by a serious car accident I was in several years ago.  After my first day of training, I almost quit because of pain. But, Wendy encouraged me to continue with the training and informed me that “she could help me!” Then, I decided to place in her my trust. We started with small baby steps focusing on stretching and Core strength exercises. The more I exercised, the less pain I had! Three months later, I am beginning to sleep very well without sleep aids. I no longer lie awake at night unable to sleep due to pain. I’m also getting stronger which has allowed me to be able to do more daily activities without getting fatigued quickly. Even my husband has noticed that I am a different person. I am very thankful to have discovered Wendy!”


“There is a popular axiom that both good and bad things come in threes. I am a three times survivor of cancer – in my right breast in 2001, ovarian cancer in 2006. I recently celebrated six months of remission of squamous cell skin cancer that began in 2014. Chemotherapy treatments killed the cancerous cells, but also resulted in irreparable damage to other previously healthy parts of my body. Paralysis of my right vocal cord has taken away my former clear strong soprano voice; severe neuropathy from my pelvis to my toes creates continuing degeneration of the ability to walk; chemo brain translates to significant loss in my short-term memory and cognitive skills.
Working with Wendy through these years has been invaluable in maintaining my spirit as she helps my body to heal. Her incredible patience with my total lack of joy while exercising astounds me. Twice she taught me to walk again after chemo and its side effects racked my body. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology make it possible for me to keep growing in physical strength, as well as personal confidence.
Wendy is committed to meeting each of her clients where we are. She knows her stuff and how to encourage each of us to become the healthiest we can.”

East Lansing

“I met Wendy after losing my first 100 pounds following bariatric surgery. Since then, I’ve lost another 111 pounds. Before surgery, I realized I wasn’t doing the things I used to because of my weight. Now I’m able to work a job where I stand on my feet for 7 hours a day. This is something I couldn’t have dreamed of doing before my weight loss. I have so much more energy and I’m able to do more things. Wendy is just the person I needed as a trainer because I hate exercise! Besides being knowledgeable and creative in finding exercises I can do that are helpful to me, she knows me well enough to know when I’m really in pain and when I’m just feeling sorry for myself. Wendy adjusts my sessions to meet my needs. She is compassionate, supportive and encouraging. I don’t think I would still be working-out if it were not for her.”

Wayne & Sharon

My wife and I made the decision in 2012 to become more active and to get fit. We started training with Wendy and our lives have changed. What we like most about Wendy’s style is the fact that she changes our workout routine every session. No boring same ole…same ole! We look forward to each session, since we never know what to expect! We have really seen results with Wendy and highly recommend her as a personal trainer.”